Miami Heat mascot set for potential Game 6 after Conor McGregor punch

DENVER ― Burnie, the Miami Heat mascot who had to visit the emergency room after taking two punches from MMA star Conor McGregor during a promotional announcement in Game 4 on Friday, will be available for a potential Game 6.

“That’s the Miami Heat toughness that we’re talking about,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Sunday, adding, “We won’t reveal who that is, but yeah, he can take a punch and get back up. He’s not going to miss any time.”

The incident happened with 7:35 remaining in the third quarter of Denver’s 108-95 victory in Game 4. The Heat revealed their partnership with McGregor and his pain relief spray called TIDL Sport. It was an awkward presentation as some fans booed McGregor who also sat courtside for the game.

In a part of the announcement that was staged, Burnie had on giant boxing gloves. It was a typical stunt involving a mascot. It was supposed to play out that way in a good-natured manner. Instead, McGregor decked the mascot with two left-hand punches that had some force. The first punch hit Burnie on the side of the head and McGregor hit him again after the mascot fell to the court. The person was taken to the hospital, received pain medication and was discharged.

“He should have been allowed to take the first swing,” Spoelstra said of Burnie.

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